Pop! Fashion Nails is cruelty-free, vegan, and recyclable.


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What are Pop! Fashion Nails?

Pop! Fashion Nails are customizable, removable and reusable instant manicure nails for on-the-go Divas and Trendsetting Fashionistas that enjoy the time-saving, temporary, affordable and convenience of instant, full cover nails.


What does the Pop! Fashion Nails kit contain?

24 Fashion Nails in various sizes (12 nails for each hand), nail file, manicure stick, nail glue and instructions.


Will Pop! Fashion Nails fit my nail size?

Pop! Fashion Nails come with 12 nails per hand (24 nails total) to get the perfect fit. You can also reshape your Pop! Fashion Nails if you have petite fingers or want a more custom fit.


How do I apply Pop! Fashion Nails?

  1. Clean nail bed of any polish, debris and/or oil. We recommend using alcohol wipes to get the cleanest nail surface.

  2. File your natural nails and buff your nail bed with the nail file.

  3. Select the correct size nails for each finger before application.

  4. Apply one drop of nail glue to your natural nail bed and one drop of glue to the back of Pop! Fashion Nails. (Apply more drops of nail glue for longer wear).

  5. Starting at your cuticle (do not push under cuticle), press & hold Pop! Fashion Nails to your natural nail bed for 6 seconds until bonded.

  6. File Pop! Fashion Nails to your desired length and nail shape if necessary.


How do I customize my Pop! Fashion Nails

  1. PAINTING: Gloss nails are the only Pop! Fashion Nails that can be painted with gel or polish.  Polish will not damage the original color of Pop! Fashion Nails once removed with non-acetone nail polish remover only. 

    •  Gel can also be used to customize Pop! Fashion Nails, but gel can't be removed and will damage the original color of Pop! Fashion Nails. ​

    • Painting matte or chrome with nail polish will cause the original effect to fade, turning the nail into a blank canvas to then customize. To remove the matte-effect apply nail polish over the nails, let them thoroughly dry, then use non-acetone nail polish remover to rub off the original finish. 

    • We recommend putting your Pop! Fashion Nails that you want to be painted on double-sided tape to easily apply polish or gel.

  2. RESHAPING: Reshape your Pop! Fashion nails with the nail file we provide in your package or a nail clipper. Nail clippers will instantly cut down the length of your Pop! Fashion Nails, so be certain of your desired length before you start clipping. Our Pop! Fashion Nails nail file is great for changing the shape, size, and length of your nails.

  3. MIX AND MATCH: Pop! Fashion Nails are perfect to mix and match different nails sets to provide different looks and designs. So many possibilities and looks so don't just buy one set!    


How do I maintain the beauty of Pop! Fashion Nails once applied?

  1. Using a clear cured gel top coat is a great way to make the original design last longer. This will also protect the nail color from oils and debris.

  2. We recommend wearing your Pop! Fashion Nails for up to 2 weeks and then changing it for another Pop! Fashion Nails set to keep its longevity. 


How do I remove Pop! Fashion Nails?

  1. Do Not force or pull Pop! Fashion Nails off as this will damage your natural nails.

  2. Soak nails in hot (tolerable), soapy water for a few minutes.

  3. Use the manicure stick to loosen the sides of Pop! Fashion Nails.

  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until Pop! Fashion Nails are off. 

  5. Dry Pop! Fashion Nails and store them away for future use.


   Note: If your Pop! Fashion Nails have glue build up we recommend using the manicure stick provided in your Pop! Fashion Nails kit or nail clipper to remove the glue residue. To remove glue residue from your natural nails, use the Pop! Fashion Nail file and manicure stick to gently remove. 


Are Pop! Fashion Nails durable and are they safe for my nails?

  1. DURABLE: With proper application, you can wear Pop! Fashion Nails for up to 2 weeks. You can also carry back-up nails and glue if you need to do any upkeep while you are out and about. 

  2. SAFE: Our specially formulated glue bonds like acrylic, and dissolves the longer you wear Pop! Fashion Nails. The more nail glue you apply, the longer your Pop! Fashion Nails will stay on your natural nails. There is no damage or glue residue left behind on your natural nails when removed properly. Nail Glue Ingredients: Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

  3. Although, Pop! Fashion Nails will give you amazing nails, please make sure you care for your natural nails as well. Moisturizing your cuticles with oil and/or lotion and filing your nail length will maintain healthy nails.


What is the return, exchange, and refund policy?

  1. RETURNS: We do not accept any returns due to sanitary reasons. 

  2. EXCHANGES: We do not conduct exchanges.

  3. REFUNDS: We do not provide refunds for our merchandise.

  4. DEFECTS: Please go to the CONTACT US page and include your order number and description of your defective merchandise within 48 hours of receiving your package. Note: Pop! Fashion Nails quality control team thoroughly inspects each set before packaging and shipping to avoid defective merchandise from getting to you.


What is Pop! Fashion Nails Shipping Policy?

  1. We ship domestically and internationally!

  2. Orders that are in-stock ships within 24-48 hours once your order is placed.

  3. LOST PACKAGE: The Pop! Fashion Nails team is not responsible for any lost packages. If you have received notification that your order was delivered, but can't find the package at your desired mailing location, please contact your mail carrier to investigate further. Pop! Fashion Nails will not replace or refund packages that weren't delivered to the address provided at checkout.

  4. RETURN TO SENDER: Immediately contact the carrier if your tracking information says an attempt to deliver was made, or is undeliverable and being returned to sender. This means that there is an error in the shipping address provided, or the carrier was unable to drop off your package and needs your assistance. If the carrier is unable to redeliver your package, please contact Pop! Fashion Nails on our CONTACT US page with the issue, order number, and correct shipping address immediately. Packages returned to Pop! Fashion Nails due to an incorrect shipping address or refusal without having contacted us prior will be refunded less shipping and stocking costs.

  5. DELAYED: Immediately contact the carrier if your tracking information says delayed.